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The Secrets of Virtual Impact: Virtual Presentation Skills

Maximize the charisma, content, and production values of your team’s virtual presentations.

Presenting with charisma and confidence in the virtual realm is a critical new success factor, and it’s not going away. This course will help your team win the new game, advance their goals, and strengthen their virtual impact.


Many executives, sales teams and other professionals have spent decades learning to be charismatic and effective in front of an audience—in person, that is. But when circumstances force them to present important material through the tiny, intimidating lens of a webcam, many find their skills sorely lacking and confidence evaporating.

There’s no feedback, no faces to watch and no way to see how it’s going in order to course-correct. The truth is creating vitality, connection, and content flow in a virtual presentation is harder than it looks.

Is Your Sales Team Making These Costly Mistakes?


“Our team found the content to be illuminating, to say the least. Regardless of discipline, every team member found immediate and implementable ways to show up more effectively for both client meetings and internal share-outs. This particular topic couldn’t be more essential to the future state of our business, and I’m delighted we found support at such a high level.”

- JAMIE JONES, International Centre for Women Playwrights

“Within the first five minutes, Juliet had already made me a better presenter.”

- ANTHONY DEMAIO, Head of US Sales, Bloomberg