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Why Teams Bring Us In

Certain observable symptoms of an overloaded military team indicate a need for our work, which is guaranteed to alleviate those symptoms

When soldiers are:

The system needs a change.
JFG can help.


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We’ve brought our nimble and user-friendly courses to global clients such as Spotify, Google, Nike, Anthem, Chubb, Sephora, P&G, Astellas, and Vans – and now share this same transformational content with our dear new friends in the military.

We help them simplify work, decrease drag and build in the strategic thinking that advances every mission.

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A Minute To Think Taught At The Army War College And Joint Special Ops University
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We are too busy to become less busy.

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“This book is more than a first-rate guide to getting more and better work done. It is a powerful meditation on the false lure of busyness and the sustaining power of the pause. A Minute to Think is essential reading for maddening times.”

Daniel H. Pink, Author of When, Drive, and To Sell is Human
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About Juliet

Featured in top media outlets such as Forbes, CNBC, and Fast Company, Juliet Funt is a globally renowned keynote speaker, tough-love advisor to the Fortune 500, founder and CEO of the efficiency training firm, Juliet Funt Group.

Juliet is the author of A Minute to Think, nominated for the Next Big Idea Club curated by Dan Pink, Susan Cain and Adam Grant. She is an evangelist for freeing the potential of companies by unburdening their talent from busywork, and she has brought her powerful concepts to Spotify, National Geographic, Anthem, Vans, Abbott, Costco, Pepsi, Nike, Wells Fargo, Sephora, Sysco, and ESPN.

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