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Please Help Us Raise Critical Thinkers
in Fayette County!!

To support the foundry

Contribute to a Portion of Our Most Critical Needs

2 Vans @ $30K each 
(Sponsor branded)

Maker Space $14-22K 
(Sponsor branded)

Welding Program $2K 

And/Or please consider the:


Needs based scholarships that cost you NOTHING.

GOAL is a fabulous program that costs nothing to you but helps kids.

The GOAL program allows you to donate to the needs-based scholarships for a school by allocating your taxes without spending any extra money at all. It’s a marvelous way to make sure your taxes are paying for true value. Fid out more here.

The school we hope you choose:

The Foundry Academy is a truly innovative private start-up, that’s mission is to bring real-world and critical thinking skills to the youth of Fayette County at an affordable price. That’s why we need your help.

Businesses can earmark a portion of their taxes to the Foundry, pay 0.00 in extra taxes and support needs-based scholarships.
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And of course please keep Juliet Funt and the Juliet Funt Group in mind for your business needs.

We would love to help your company stress less and achieve more.