Chick-fil-A Operators Leadership Team Efficiency Pilot

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Welcome to the first stop of gifting your talented, hard-working leadership team
more agility, focus, and ease.

The Invitation

To future thinking Operators who are ready to lean into the challenge of growing occasions to care with their leadership teams  — we invite you to participate in a training pilot that will increase high-performance, efficiency and ease.

The program features the teaching content of Juliet Funt, two-time keynote speaker at NEXT, and the author of A Minute to Think. 

Juliet is a frequent feature in top media outlets such as Forbes, CNBC, Fast Company, and NPR — and her book is taught at the Army War College and Joint Special Operations University.

What You Can Expect

Participants will gain the tools and frameworks to streamline team communication and lighten the load of the weekly workflow.

Please see the internal case study below to see how the teams at Chick-fil-A Supply benefited enormously from the same program.

Who This is For?

You and your top leadership team.

The number is at your discretion, depending on your current prioritization of increasing efficiency and budget. You can include just your top tier or add one level down. Pricing special below for groups over ten.

Program Structure

The targeted self-facilitated program will be a blend of online digital learning and peer coaching huddle group activities taking a total of 40 minutes per week over a 14 week period.


Two pilot groups will be conducted, each capped at 15 Operators –  the first commencing in June and the second in September.


$550 per learner which includes the course, an ebook copy of Juliet’s book, A Minute to Think, and a developmental assessment on sources of overload.

Enroll ten leaders and get seats for fifteen.

Proof of Concept

Chick-fil-A Supply implemented this same program in 2023 and granted permission to share with you the metrics of their incredible success in the attached summary.

Next Steps

If you're interested in participating with your team, please fill out the form below.