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What does it mean to be a huddle emcee?


The accountability huddles have one primary goal: to help people actually change their behavior. These huddles are the most critical element of the program because they provide an opportunity to share best practices, identify specific areas for improvement, and—most importantly—hold each other accountable for making the training content come to life.

Part of the job of a huddle emcee is to motivate and challenge your colleagues in the group. Push the group to think outside their comfort zones in all areas discussed, and when talking about reducing waste in emails, meetings, and reporting, keep prompting for more ideas on unnecessary touchpoints that can be reduced.  

Unlike many things in your day, leading the weekly huddle is easy and requires very little preparation.

Your job is simply to facilitate the huddle meetings to make sure that the right topics are discussed and that commitments, where needed, are made.

Before each meeting

Log in to the lesson of the week and go to the huddle screen. On this screen there is a slideshow that presents the week’s huddle goal, discussion prompts, and an automatic timer for each prompt. Be ready to start the huddle slideshow for your huddle.

Huddle Emcees The Wedge Lesson One

At each meeting

Call the group to order and note the start time. Huddles are scheduled for 25 minutes, although some might be shorter. Do not let the huddles last more than 25 minutes. When everyone is ready, start the huddle slideshow. Ensure all discussion questions and key points are covered, while keeping an eye on the timer. Keep the group focused on the topic at hand and discourage tangents and side conversations.

If someone in the group complains of an issue with any element of the training; the platform, the materials etc., encourage them to share their constructive feedback to [email protected]. After giving them this option, redirect their sharing back to more useful dialogue.

At the end of each meeting

Each lesson’s huddle includes a final question to the group about their top takeaways or big ideas. Be sure to enter these on the next screen of the lesson (after the huddle slideshow). The leadership team will access these entries.

That’s it! We told you it would be easy.

Thanks for taking on this important role; you’ll be playing a significant part in the success of the program and leading the charge to make work more sane, humane, efficient, and thoughtful.